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SAPHIRE User Group Membership Information

Support for the SAPHIRE software is available through the SAPHIRE Users Group at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). To find out more about membership benefits, see our FAQ page.

For information on how to get a copy of the previous, unsupported version of SAPHIRE without joining the user group or obtaining an NDA click here.

Note:Distribution of SAPHIRE outside the U.S. is subject to export controls.

To receive SAPHIRE 8:

To join SAPHIRE Users Group:

  1. Select the appropriate package from the calculator below (number of users, country, and length of membership).
  2. Fill in the Principal Contact Information and click on “Submit Registration” button (all information submitted to the SAPHIRE Users Group is treated as private).
  3. Choose a payment option. (Choose Just Looking to print a registration form without commitment.)
  4. Once the license is on the screen, print the license.
  5. On the printed license, sign and date the form and if you are joining the user’s group mail, fax, or send a scan to the address provided. (Distribution of SAPHIRE outside the U.S. is subject to export controls).
  6. Lastly, tell your colleagues about the availability of this low-cost, powerful risk and reliability tool!

Submittal of this form does not commit you to anything unless you remit payment. It simply allows you to view (and print from your screen) a license agreement tailored to your needs. The registration will be completed when we receive the signed registration form and payment.

To calculate the cost of user group membership, select the appropriate package by the number of users, country, and length of membership.
NOTE: You need Javascript enabled for calculator to work!
SAPHIRE Package Pricing: $800 per person U.S. or $1000 per person non-U.S.
(Group discount for 4+ users)
Number of Users * required field
Country * required field
Only countries having a "123 Agreement" with the US (those listed) may be eligible to obtain a copy of SAPHIRE.
Membership length (in years) * required field
Additional support hours  
(generally 0, except for prearranged training enrollment and/or other intensive needs)
Total membership cost is: $

To create a registration form please fill in the following information below and click on the "Submit Registration" button at the bottom of the page.
Principal Contact Information
* indicates a required field
First Name: *  
Middle Initial:
Last Name: *  
Title or Position:
Organization or Company Name:
Street Address: *  
City: *  
State or Province: *
Country: Select country from the drop down list in the Calculator.
Postal or Zip Code: *  
Phone Number: *  
Email Address: *  
Type the code from the image:



Options: *

Payment methods: (Check or CC)
I understand that I should not submit payment until I have obtained permission to receive a current copy of SAPHIRE 8 via a NDA.
Prior to payment, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the registration agreement. Print a copy of this agreement for your records.
Note:Distribution of SAPHIRE outside the U.S. is subject to export controls.

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