Effective on the date of the last signature hereto, Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC. (BEA) a management and operating contractor at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) acting under its Contract Number DEA-AC07-051D14517 with the United States Department of Energy, agree as follows:


BEA has established a SAPHIRE Users Group for the purpose of providing users of the SAPHIRE software with technical support and formal training on the use of this software. The provision of technical support and training is provided to SAPHIRE Users Group members by BEA as part of our mission to facilitate the transfer technology that is developed at the INL.

The membership cost represents the full cost to BEA for providing the service. This amount is subject to revision by BEA at the time of membership renewal.


BEA personnel will provide the products and services listed under the Description of SAPHIRE Users Group Services to members of the SAPHIRE Users Group only. Only members of the SAPHIRE Users Group will be eligible for attending the Users Group training sessions provided by BEA. Transfer of software or related information (in electronic or hardcopy format) is prohibited unless prior approval is granted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The SAPHIRE software is subject to U.S. export control regulations.

Period of Performance

The service shall commence upon the receipt of cash advance and will terminate one (1) calendar year later, unless renewal is received by BEA prior to the termination date. BEA may terminate this service at the time of renewal if BEA determines that it will not continue to provide this service in the future.

Description of SAPHIRE Users Group Services.

The following services are available based on the items selected for inclusion in this agreement:


  1. Hours of "on-call" technical support. Two hours for each registered user (software installation support is free).
  2. SAPHIRE Version 7. The Windows (version 7.x) version of SAPHIRE is supplied to each registered user.
  3. SAPHIRE Version 8. SAPHIRE (version 8.x) is supplied only to users who have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  4. Updates. Software updates are provided via the SAPHIRE Web page for each registered user. SAPHIRE for Windows requires an English version of Microsoft Windows XP, or later. Software export outside the U.S. may be subject to U.S. export control conditions.
  5. Web access. SAPHIRE World Wide Web account for each registered user. Access to the "members only" regions of the Web page require a registered account.
  6. Documentation. A hardcopy of the SAPHIRE Basics manual is provided for each registered user. Comprehensive electronic documentation for SAPHIRE is included for each registered user.
  7. Training. On-site training is available for an additional fee. User Group training sessions are available to User Group members for an additional fee.

Delivery Time Frame

The membership package will be mailed to members in two (2) to four (4) weeks from the date that the registration form and membership fees are received and processed by BEA.

By signature hereto, the parties accept and agree to all the terms and provisions stated above.

SAPHIRE User Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC.(BEA)
Program Manager
________________________________ James Knudsen
Printed Name
________________________________ Saphire Users Group Associate Director
Position/Title Position/Title
Date 8/8/2020